About Us

VertaLoc, Inc. is an industry leader which specializes in providing exceptional medical devices. Our goal is simple; provide the highest quality and most effective product for our customers. Our medical device line includes focuses from spinal support braces to lower extremity support. Our rapidly growing product line will be the first step to alleviating pain from arthritis and many other medical conditions.

Each of our medical devices has been PDAC approved to insure provider billing is accurate with all insurances; including federal and state benefit programs. Our primary goal as a superior manufacturer is to build a network of quality healthcare providers who maintain the highest possible integrity and promote the best interests of their patients and customers.

VertaLoc, Inc. promises to go above and beyond the competition by being devoted to each and every customer. Our product line will continue to grow and revolve around the desires of our customers and the needs of the patients they care for. All products are designed to be durable, comfortable and low profile to ensure your patient can take the first step to living a healthy and active lifestyle.